Wednesday, September 7, 2011

If you have decided to go for playing World War on you iPhone this is just a great thing you are going to start and you are going to be amazed by this game’s great opening graphic. Before starting this game you need to know, what to do? Where to go? This guide will help you to get all this answers and you’ll have a better idea of how to play and succeed.

Check out the main page:
* At the top of screen you will have Money, Experience and Level. Money is for buying more cool staff, to do what you want. Experience means how close or far you are from advancing to the next Level. As you move forward to next Level of your game you will gain the facility to play various Missions, buy various Units, and build various Buildings among other things.

* Just under the first row of Money, Experience and Level, you will find Health, Energy and Ammo. Health is more or less your Hit Points. When someone attacks you, you will lose Health. If you lose too much health, you will die. Energy is used to do Missions. Ammo is used to Battle with other gamers.

* The next area is a nice little graphic including your name, the number of people in your army and your world war alliance codes.

* Missions button will take you to the Missions screen. This is the place where you can start your battle. Every mission has its unique requirements to complete them, Energy, Alliance size and Units. A ranking system is also present there, so whenever you play a mission you will gain more rank experience to eventually master the Mission. when you master a whole section, you will gain a special Loot.

* Battle is the place where to fight with other guys. But before attacking you will need to ensure your units and alliance members.

* Units button is to buy military to battle the other guys. Here you can choose the type of Units you want to buy like Infantry, Ground, Water, and Air.

* Building is the place where you can buy things to help defend yourself, earn you more money, and raise energy. It is recommended to spent some time there, whenever possible, and buy as much money and defense as you can. It will help much.

* Vault is to store your money safely when you are not playing or if you’re saving up for later. Please, be reminded that, there is a 10% fee for every deposit you make.

* Restore is the place where can gain health by paying. It is not so important and I haven’t used it yet. your health will refill itself on its own. But sometime you may find yourself fighting someone and running out of energy so you can’t attack, it may be of a great use to fill yourself back up so you can keep on battling.

* President section is where you can spend your Honor Points. My advice is to save your Honor Points for either Secret Reinforcement or the Money.

* My Profile is to find out all about yourself and spend Skill Points. Everything in there is pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll take a minute and explain the Skill Points.

* The Alliance screen is where you can add people to your alliance, see who is in your alliance and check out the Leader board. There are many sites to provide world war alliance codes for you. Go and add them to alliance to make your army more strong.

There are plenty of things that I have missed, try just tapping them and see what happens around. I intentionally didn’t go into the Settings or Help screens, you can play with those by yourself. I also had no interest in going into the News Feed, it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Well, I hope this helped, and if you have any questions post a comment and I promise I’ll respond.

Feel free to add you Alliance Codes here, World War Code

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